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Today Aplus Health Topic – All You Need To Know About Breast Reconstructive Surgery

Since time immemorial, women have been passionate about maintaining and augmenting their beauty and breasts are an integral part of a woman’s beauty.

Giving food and energy to new-born and providing immunity to their babies through maternal antibodies in breast milk. are not the only functions of the breasts. They also play a role in sexual stimulation and help in maintaining a positive self-image among women.

For a woman, becoming flat chested is the ultimate loss of femininity. It is a psychological and physical shock which is difficult to bear. However, the current scenario has rendered women with few choices, as some require mastectomy (removal of the breast) due to cancer.

But fortunately, the solution to the loss of breasts is breast reconstructive surgery with implants. These implants are prosthesis which can restore the size, shape and contour of the breasts. They are medical devices which have been tested as safe for use in the human body.

Breast Reconstructive Surgery Aplus health

Breast Implants: Breast implants can be used for two kinds of surgeries:

  • Breast Reconstruction:
    In this procedure, the breast is created again, surgically with implants after mastectomy
  • Breast Augmentation:
    This procedure is carried out cosmetically, to enhance the size and shape of one’s natural breasts

Breast Reconstructive Surgery Aplushealth

Types Of Implants
Implants are of two types – saline and silicone. Saline ones have a silicone shell, filled with saline solution (0.9 per cent NaCl). Silicone implants have silicone shell with cohesive silicone gel.

The cosmetic result with saline implants is acceptable, but there can be rippling and wrinkling of skin, especially if t is post mastectomy reconstruction with thin skin flaps. Hence, this kind of implants is not the first choice for reconstruction.

Silicone implants are preferred for reconstruction, due to their technical superiority, smoother contours and natural texture. Silicone implants have evolved over the last few decades and currently the fifth generation implants are being used for breast surgeries.

There are also some dual chamber implants, which have both silicone and saline Nevertheless, these are not very commonly used.

Breast Reconstructive Surgery Aplushealth

Breast Reconstructive Surgery – The Surgery And Kinds Of Incisions
The procedure itself is not very complicated, but requires a high degree of skill to achieve good cosmetic results. Also, implants can be placed inside the body through different kinds of incisions:

Breast Reconstructive Surgery – Periareolar
This is a cut taken on the border of the areola. It provides good access and is particularly suitable if mastopexy (breast lift) is also required. Nipple sparing mastectomy can also be done through the same incision in the breast reconstruction cases.

Breast Reconstructive Surgery – Inframammary
This is the incision in the natural crease below the breast, However, this incision is more useful in breast augmentation, rather than breast reconstruction.

Breast Reconstructive Surgery – After The Surgical Procedure
The post- operative recovery is usually smooth and patients can be discharged from the hospital within a day or more depending upon the complexity of the surgery. A special bra is provided, to maintain proper shape till the wound healing is complete Scars are minimal and gradually fade over time.

Complications of implants can be minor or major. Minor complications include wound infections, haematoma, delayed wound healing, persistent fluid collection, local pain etc. Major complications include capsular contracture, implant rupture, implant extrusion etc.

Breast Reconstructive Surgery – Concerns And Risks
There is no increased risk of developing breast cancer after undergoing implant surgery. Also, there is no increased risk of developing autoimmune diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia etc which was reported earlier.

Another concern is regarding breastfeeding and though implants do not interfere with breast feeding directly, the amount of breast tissue cut during surgery will have an impact on breastfeeding. This is applicable to cosmetic breast augmentation only.

Recently, there have also been reports about a new type of cancer developing due to implants- anaplastic large cell lymphoma and approximately 350 cases have been reported in the world so tar. However, it is a very low grade cancer and can be treated.

Complications notwithstanding, several scientific studies about mental health and quality of lite after implant surgery have reported Improved self-esteem, physical appearance, social life and satisfactory sexual functioning.

A large number of women have also reported long-term satisfaction with their cosmetic results after implant surgery. Thus, with the latest technology and surgical expertise available nowadays, one doesn’t have to be flat chested or small breasted but it’s important to understand all the pros and cons of implant surgery before making a decision.

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