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Today Aplus Health Topic – Heal And Increase Longevity With Panchakarma

Keraleeya Ayurveda  Panchakarma is a modified  form of panchakarma evolved  from Kerala. The main  purpose of panchakarma is to detoxify  the body and foster health and mental  well-being, thereby increasing the  longevity of an individual.

A panchakarma procedure is undertaken,  post some pre-procedures that prepare  the body for the main treatment. It  includes snehanam (oleation) and  swedanam Also, there are different  methods under these pre-panchakarma  procedures, which help in accomplishing  optimal results. These techniques  consists of the following:

Pre-Panchakarma Procedures

Heal And Increase Longevity – Pizhichil
Lukewarm oil is poured all over the body  in a rhythmic fashion. The session lasts  for one hour each, for a duration of seven  to fourteen days. It is applied in case of  rheumatoid arthritis, low back ache and  paralysis.

Heal And Increase Longevity – Njavara Kizhi
It is a type of kizhiwhich is made out of  shastika shali, milk and herbal decoction.  It is mainly helpful in the case of  emaciation, weight gain, rheumatism and  skin ailments.

Heal And Increase Longevity – Dhara
This treatment involves the use of  medicated oil or medicated buttermilk or  milk poured over the forehead to relieve  stress and insomnia.

Heal And Increase Longevity – Vasti
Oil is pooled in the area of pain mainly janu (knee) greeva (neck), kati (low back). This treatment is best for  localised pain and spinal disc related  complaints.

Heal And Increase Longevity – Udwarthanam
Also known as powder massage, this  includes the rubbing of course powder  on the body in a reverse direction.

Heal And Increase Longevity – Abyangam
This is a procedure where medicated oil  is used for massaging. It is advised in  cases of obesity, diabetic gangrene and  to gain strength

Heal And Increase Longevity – Kizhi
Special type of boluses are made with  herbs and herbal powders and dipped  in medicated oil. This mix is used to  massage the whole body.

Panchakarma Procedures

Heal And Increase Longevity – Vamana
This is a detoxification process which  uses medication to induce vomiting,  thereby removing the toxics from  the body. Kapha rogas, premeha,  indigestion, obesity and sleeplessness  can be treated through this procedure.

Heal And Increase Longevity – Virechana
This procedure uses purgative drugs to  eradicate the aggravated pitta dosha  from the body and is suitable for cases  of constipation, hypertension, menstrual  problems, oedema and to improve  strength.

Heal And Increase Longevity – Nasya
Medicines are administered through the  nostrils for the diseases of urdwa jathru  gatha (head and neck).

Heal And Increase Longevity – Anuvasana Vasti
Also known as sneha vasti, this treatment uses oil or medicated ghee  which is administrated through the  rectal route. It is recommended for  cases of heart diseases, paralysis,  stroke and irregular bowel movements.

Heal And Increase Longevity – Asthapana Vasti
Also known as niruha vasti, this is the  treatment that follows the sneha vasti  procedure. Herbal decoction too is administered through rectal route and  is beneficial in cases of heart diseases,  paralysis, stroke and irregular bowel  movements.

Ayurveda aims at overall wellness of a  diseased person and the maintenance of health by preventing any other further  diseases. Thus, panchakarma therapy  provides physical and mental relaxation.

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