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LED Light Therapy For Skin Troubles – Aplus Health

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Today Aplus Health Topic – Try LED Light Therapy To Treat Your Skin Troubles

Today, many serious skin disorders like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo and acne vulgaris can be treated with light therapy. This is a non-invasive therapy also known as phototherapy. This technology is proving to be a milestone in improving aesthetics from hair loss to wrinkles, acne, skin pigmentation and skin tightening etc.

During this therapy, a lamp is used to release an ultraviolet light beam on the focused and affected area. It also involves the use of laser light technologies, fluorescent lamps, full spectrum bright lights in varied forms. In combination with medicines to get maximum output and to repair the skin texture. Clarity and also the tone of the skin. Light therapy propels skin cells to begin the process of repair resulting in cleaner, smoother and tighter skin.

Skin Troubles Aplus Health

Skin Troubles – LED Light Therapy
This is one of the most gentle and popular therapies among all, Not only does this therapy help In boosting the activity of cells, it also accelerates the process of healing. Furthermore, it helps in eliminating bacteria that causes acne.

  • Anti-Ageing, boosting collagen and fine lines are also treated with this therapy.
  • LED therapy uses different colours like red, yellow, green and blue to treat different skin conditions and types.
  • The red coloured light is most commonly used because its wavelength disables the inflammation triggers related to acne, pigmentation and rosacea.
  • This light therapy is soothing for the skin, diminishes inflammation and treats rosacea
  • Blue light therapy is used for combating acne and eliminating bacteria inside the pores responsible for blemishes
  • Yellow light therapy rejuvenates the outer most layer of the skin called epidermis and diminishes wrinkles, while boosting blood circulation
  • Blue light therapy paired with red light therapy provides the best results by killing the acne bacteria and helping the skin to heal
  • Green light is used for the treatment of pigmentation, dark circles, sunspots, uneven skin tone and ageing

Skin Troubles – Benefits Of Light Therapy
These lights are also used to complement and speed up the process for other treatments like peels, mesotherapy etc. Led therapies come with minimum strings attached and are fuss- free. This super express therapy is not only pain-free but also suited for all skin types because of being mild in nature.

They are also apt for young or mature skin. However treatment takes only few seconds or minutes, depending on the intensity of the problem or area of coverage. Thus, you might need to go for a handful of sessions to get the desired results.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is helpful in tackling pigmentation, fine lines, rosacea, acne, uneven skin tone and aesthetics problems. IPL is an excellent choice for people who are looking for long-lasting results.

Skin Troubles – Safety Measure
In case of swelling after a phototherapy session, opt for cold compression till the swelling subsides.

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