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Today Aplus Health Topic – Tips For Men To Fight Infertility

Infertility was earlier considered to be a women’s problem only, but research has proved that men are equally responsible for being infertile, because today your profession and lifestyle plays a vital role in your fertility. Thus, beware if you are unknowingly making the following mistakes:

Fight Infertility – Mistakes You May Be Making

  • Sitting on a chair for long periods of time can overheat your testicles
  • Placing your laptop on your lap for a long time raises scrotal temperature resulting in tow sperm count and unhealthy sperm too
  • Wearing very tight pants or underwear damages the testicles and causes low sperm count resulting in infertility in men
  • If you are exposed to pesticides or some industry toxins, the chances of infertility are high
  • You smoke or drink too much alcohol
  • Being stressed directly affects your fertility
  • Know that you could also be susceptible to infertility, if you’ve had any tumours or cancer in the past

Tips To Fight Infertility

Fight Infertility – Give Up Drinking And Smoking
Even if you see a doctor, he/she will first advise you to quit smoking and drinking as the harmful ingredients in tobacco can kill sperm cells, On the other hand, alcohol does you no good either. If you consume too much alcohol, it can reduce libido and affect sperm quality and structure too.

Fight Infertility – Keep Stress At Bay
Do away with stress from your lite as it interferes with the sperm-producing hormones. To combat stress, you can try relaxing exercises such as meditation, deep breathing, listening to some soothing music etc. These activities help you cope with stress

Fight Infertility – Limit Weightlifting
It is true that heavy weightlifting can be helpful in improving sperm concentration, but overdoing it may be harmful. So, if you are planning a family, control your weightlifting exercises.

Fight Infertility – Eat Healthy Food
Include healthy food in your diet such as nutritious vegetables, fresh fruits and lots of nuts as these foods help improve sperm quality. Vitamin C and vitamin E are very important for men, Drinking fresh orange juice (four glasses a day) is found to be beneficial in reducing defective sperms.

Fight Infertility – Have A Good Sleep
Get at least seven to eight hours of good sleep, as sleep reduces stress, relaxes muscles and restores your reproductive system. Sleep is also very important for versatile health benefits.

Fight Infertility – Seek Help From An Expert
Seek advice from an expert or seek medical help to know if you need to undergo any infertility treatment, or if some lifestyle modifications can benefit you to increase your chances of conception.

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